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Top 10 reasons to choose LaSWAP


  • 1. Successful Progression
    UCAS statistics** prove that you’re far more likely to succeed in your university application than other students nationally, including the Russell group universities.

  • 2. Excellent advice and guidance
    LaSWAP’s commitment to your future means that we have two nationally recognised Higher Education advisers to offer you advice on what course and university to choose, support with your UCAS university applications, help to complete your application and give advice on accepting the right offer.
  • 3. Outstanding curriculum offer
    As four schools working together, LaSWAP offers you an amazingly varied curriculum. Choose from 36 A level subjects, 6 BTECs,  5 vocational subjects at levels 1 and 2, EPQ and the  post 16 advanced Maths Studies (AS).  We also have the flexibility to let you choose subjects in almost any combination. No wonder our curriculum is consistently praised by Ofsted.
  • 4. Challenging learning culture
    Superb Careers and Higher Education advice builds on your prior achievements helping us allocate the right courses to help you get the most from your time at LaSWAP. We do this through interviews, advice, summer assignments and our induction process.
    Our programme of Supervised Study helps to develop the study skills you are introduced to during induction, leading to greater chance of success in your sixth form studies.

  •  5. Value added
    Our results consistently show we offer ‘added value’ to all our students, this means that no matter what your prior qualifications we work to ensure you exceed expectations. 

  • 6. Subject expertise
    Our size and strength allows us to recruit specialist sixth form staff and attract well-qualified, experienced staff keen to teach their subject to an advanced standard. We draw on over 300 teachers and 100 support staff from across our four schools

  • 7.  Diverse student body
    Our students tell us that they really value the diversity of students that they meet at LaSWAP. You’ll have the chance to learn with a rich mix of over a thousand students, with approximately 250 in Year 12 coming from schools outside of the four LaSWAP schools.

  • 8. Preparation for University life
    We are a school sixth form based on four schools. But the scale of LaSWAP gives us a ‘university campus’ feel. Each school is small enough to give you the pastoral tutor care you expect, while LaSWAP is big enough to give you some of the independence associated with being at university.

  • 9. A range of enrichment opportunities
    There’s no better way to prepare for employment and university, than getting involved in a range of enrichment activities, from sports to music, cooking to debating. You will be able to mix with students across LaSWAP both in school and out of school. We offer trips abroad and an extensive work experience programme. 

  • 10. Get where you want to go
    We are the sixth form that prides ourselves on our excellent destinations. No matter where you want to go and what you want to do, there is no better place to be than LaSWAP.