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Pathways: Entry requirements

We are an inclusive sixth form that believes in the benefits of a diverse student community.

Our pathways provide a range of options for students. We have designed pathways to suit students with a range of starting points. The pathways you choose will be based on the GCSE grades you receive. Each pathway has clear entry requirements, which are designed to make sure your pathway suits your needs and with a view to ensuring that all students enrolled on them are successful. 

Summary of LaSWAP pathways

Which pathway is best for you?

Simply choose the option below that best matches your GCSE predicted grades and see the pathway choices that LaSWAP can offer you.

8 GCSEs: grades 7 and above

8 GCSEs: mostly grade 6 

8 GCSEs: a mix of 6s and 5s 

8 GCSEs: Mostly grade 5s with 2 grade 6s

8 GCSEs: Mostly grade 5s

8 GCSEs: Mix of 4s and 5s or a Level 2 Diploma

8 GCSEs: Mix of 3 and 4s or a Level 1 Diploma

8 GCSEs: No minimum grades. 

Summary of entry requirements


Please click here to see a full break down of the GCSE qualifications needed to access each A'Level subject offered at LaSWAP.

Please click here to see a full break down of the GCSE qualifications needed to access each Vocational qualification offered at LaSWAP.

Click to find further information about each A' Level course and Vocational course.