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Our aims and the LaSWAP graduate


LaSWAP background:

LaSWAP is a group of four schools working together to create a single campus sixth form over four sites. By working together, LaSWAP schools provide learners with exceptional curriculum choice and expert teaching which leads to excellence.


LaSWAP's aims

LaSWAP’s aims

  • We offer personalised guidance in each of the four base schools
  • We have shared values of four unique schools
  • We possess a rich fusion of educational ambition
  • We develop exceptional students who confidently progress onto their chosen pathway in life
  • We support each student spiritually and morally to develop as unique individuals
  • We develop each student into confident adults who possess the ability to engage with the community around them

When your time with us ends, you will have graduated from the oldest, largest and most vibrant sixth form consortium sixth form in London.


The LaSWAP graduate

As a LaSWAP graduate:

  • You will achieve academic excellence
  • You will develop resilience and understanding of the world around you
  • You will emerge as lifelong learners who are active citizens of the diverse communities in which you live, learn and work
  • You will become a self-aware, mature individual who is confident about the next stage of your life and proud of your place in the world
  • You will fully embrace (with our exceptionally placed support) the huge range of opportunities offered by one of the world’s leading cities.