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Health and social care Level 3              studied at LSU


To find out what qualifications are needed for each pathway/entry route click here.

4 or above in GCSE English 

Consideration given with a 5 in a written subject if GCSE maths is 4 or above 


This course is for post-16 learners who want to continue their education through applied learning and who aim to progress to higher education and ultimately to employment in the health and social care sector. It focuses on health, early years care and education and issues affecting the care sector. The qualification is equivalent in size to three A Levels.

  • Unit 1: Human lifespan development
  • Unit 2: Working in health and social care
  • Unit 5: Meeting individual care and support needs
  • Unit 6: Work experience in health and social care
  • Unit 11: Psychological perspectives
  • Unit 14: Physiological disorders
  • Unit 17: Caring for individuals with dementia 


  • Unit 3: Anatomy and physiology 
  • Unit 4: Enquiries into current research in health and social care
  • Unit 7: Principles of safe practice in health and social care
  • Unit 8: Promoting public health
  • Unit 9: Infection prevention and control
  • Unit 12: Supporting individuals with additional needs


The content of this qualification has been developed in consultation with higher education to ensure it supports progression to higher study. Employers and professional bodies have also been involved in order to confirm that the content is also appropriate for those interested in working in the sector.

To develop a better understanding of the demands of the sector to demonstrate their commitment and interest in the sector when applying for further study, learners are required to undertake a minimum of 100 hours’ of work experience as part of the course and for learners



Four of the thirteen units will be externally assessed by Edexcel, the awarding body, by means of examinations throughout the course. The other eight units will be internally assessed either in the form of a report, which will be based on a relevant work-related context, in the care sector, or a research project after work experience.

Units 1-2: Written exam set and marked by Edexcel.

Unit 3: Written exam set and marked by Edexcel

Unit 4: A task set and marked by Edexcel and completed under supervised conditions. Learners will be given a choice of two articles (Part A) six weeks prior to a supervised assessment period in order to carry out research. The supervised assessment period (Part B) is a maximum of 3 hours.


This qualification is the main focus of a two-year study programme of learning and because it is the size of three A levels, learners will be fully prepared for a range of health and social care degree programmes.

The qualification is intended to carry UCAS points and is recognised by higher education providers as contributing to meeting admission requirements to many relevant courses, for example:

  • BSc (Hons) in nursing
  • BA (Hons) in social work
  • BSc (Hons) in physiotherapy
  • BSc (Hons) in occupational therapy
  • BSc (Hons) in speech therapy
  • BA (Hons) in health and social care