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Admissions cycle

What is an 'external student'?

If you did not complete Year 11 at one of our partner schools (listed below) then you are an External student applying to LaSWAP:

  • La Sainte Union School 
  • William Ellis School
  • Acland Burghley School
  • Parliament Hill School

If you are a year 11 student at one of our partner schools (see list above) then click here

September - October - Research

  • Use the courses section of this site to gain information about LaSWAP and the pathways that we offer.
  • Each subject has a different entry criteria to suit your needs.
  • Course descriptions for every subject provides information about what their course offers. Read this carefully before making any decisions.
  • As well as the pathway entry criteria, make sure you check the specific GCSE entry requirements for the courses you wish to study.
  • You can also watch a range of videos where our curriculum offer is explained.
  • Once you know what you want to do, apply online.

November - Open Evening

Our open evening event was held on Thursday 23rd November 2023.  

At open evening students were able to talk to teachers and students to ask questions about the subject courses.  View our Frequently Asked Questions information sheet.


December - February - Application Form completion


Make sure you get your application in.  The final deadline for online applications is 29th February 2024.

March - April

You will be sent a conditional offer via email towards the end of the Spring term.

June - Taster Day

Our next Taster Day is scheduled to take place at La Sainte Union school on
28th June 2024.  At this event you will be given the chance to take part in some Level 3 taster sessions and the enrichment fair.  We will keep all those who have applied informed about the summer events we may be holding.

July - Enrolment Assignments

Complete your Enrolment Assignments for the subjects of your choice. 

August - Enrolment

You will receive an appointment time to attend a meeting where you will discuss your subject choices with a member of the LaSWAP team and be formally enrolled into LaSWAP. These meetings will take place in the last week of August/first week of September.

It is expected that you are available during this time to ensure that you can choose the subjects you want before they are closed. 

If you do not receive an invitation to an enrolment meeting by the end of the summer term and you applied before 29th February 2024, please contact the LaSWAP Office via email at: