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Student absence

On occasions when an unforeseen absence occurs please ensure that the Attendance Officer is contacted by 8.30am on the first day of the absence, the student's base school will need to log a reason for the absence.

  • Acland Burghley Attendance Telephone | 020 7485 8515 ext 1002
  • La Sainte Union Attendance Telephone  | 020 7428 4600
  • Parliament Hill Attendance Telephone  | 020 7482 9874
  • William Ellis Attendance Telephone  | 0207482 9874

A voicemail facility is in operation - please speak slowly and clearly giving student name, the name of their tutor group and the reason for the absence.  If an absence is planned please ensure that the head of year is informed in advance.  All Student Reports include attendance and punctuality statistics.


If you have any safeguarding concerns, please contact the Designated Safeguarding Lead at the student’s base school:

La Sainte Union: Orla Ridge, oridge@lsu.camden.sch.uk
William Ellis: Karl Altmann, almann@williamellis.camden.sch.uk
Acland Burghley: Dylan Owen, safeguarding@aclandburghley.camden.sch.uk
Parliament Hill: Sandra Poole, safeguarding@parliamenthill.camden.sch.uk


Admin Office

Email | laswap@laswap.camden.sch.uk 
Telephone | 020 7692 4157


LaSWAP Sixth Form Consortium
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